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Welcome to Looking After Mum and Dad

If you are looking after an elderly relative, this site is for you! We have gathered together, (and continue to gather) the relevant, helpful information.

  • The Blue Box gives you rapid access to information for looking after your relatives.
  • The icons at the top of the page cover topics with tips for your everyday life
  • Below, we have games to give you a little respite when you need it!
  • Most importantly, there is the chat room to enable you to get answers to your questions.

Being caregivers, we all have different experiences to share, so please feed back your experiences and ideas – you never know who it might help. Registration is free (click on the red bar at the top). We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you are under 18, there are special sites for you at NHS Choices and The Carers Trust.

Thought for the day

Don’t take yourself so seriously, no-one else does (Regina Brett)

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