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Last year I went to some fabulous lectures to start learning about Art and the great artists. I enjoyed it so much that, at the end of the course, I asked the lecturer if she would write me a few articles so that I could share it all with you. That lecturer was Fiona and, as luck would have it, her passion is sharing her knowledge. She suggested that a good artist to start with was Rembrandt, so over the next four weeks we will publish four articles on a painting by Rembrandt. Do feed back to us if you enjoy these. Also, do tell us if you have any particular interest you would like to share. One of the main aims of this site is to enable people to share things that others may not have thought about or have access to.                                                                                                                                          Alice C

Fiona Lucraft: An Introduction

I was born in France in 1962 and spent my childhood in Zambia, Africa and Germany as my father was a dentist in the army. After a year in Canada I studied English and Drama at the University of Kent at Canterbury, graduating in 1984 (BA Hons). I went on to work for Counsel and Care for the Elderly, a charity providing advice to carers and financial assistance to elderly people who wanted to remain in their own homes.

After 4 years I left full time work to bring up our three boys and developed my interests in food history, art and literature. When I returned to work 17 years ago, I researched, prepared and taught courses on these subjects for the Workers Educational Association, a national charity providing adult education in the community. I continue to teach adults for a variety of organisations.

I have also had my research published in a food history journal (Petits Propos Culinaires) and have contributed to the New Dictionary of National Biography and University Symposia (Oxford and Leeds).

Writing about art will be a new and exciting venture for me. I am an art appreciator rather than an art historian and in the classes I teach on art I enjoy the discussions that develop when we look closely and curiously at a work of art. I plan to offer a variety of artworks for you to look at and hope to begin conversations about art and life.

Whenever I am asked “What is art?” I reply that it is a language which is trying to communicate something to the viewer. We may not like all the artworks we see and that’s fine, but art often makes us think and feel, which is a longwinded way of saying it’s about the experience of being human!

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