Good Looking Nails

Like most of us, I started experimenting with painting my nails as a teenager. At the time my favourite colour was white pearl. It was simple to put on – just one coat and then the long wait of over two hours for it to dry. Oh the amount of times I smudged my nails before I worked out the tasks I could and could not do! After all that, if you were lucky, it might last for a whole day before if began to chip.

Today’s products are much more complicated but the results are so worth it and last much longer. Nails need to be filed and shaped, cuticles gently pushed back and a base coats applied. As I have got older my nails have begun splitting so I have found a base coat that strengthens (easily available on the high street), which works for me.

Next, two thin coats of nail varnish. Thin coats dry much quicker! And then the long lasting topcoat. Overall, it generally takes me about twenty minutes. The topcoat I use is quick drying and is touch dry in minutes. My special trick is to apply a second application of topcoat a day or so later. My nails now last for a week.

As we get older, we often forget to look after our hands. As the saying goes ‘you can always see a lady’s real age by looking at her hands’! I do really look after my hands and my nails by wearing thick rubber gloves for housework and thin latex gloves for cooking. I understand Nigella Lawson is also a fan of latex gloves. Nothing worse than having lovely nails and hands that smells of onions or garlic.

My favourite nail varnish colour today is every colour! Experiment! The beiges and the blues, blacks and green can all look great with different outfits and looks. Even the red spectrum is full of choice.  I have about 20 different colours ranging from bright pink to purple with four different shades of red. I have to admit, though, I think nothing looks nicer than really short nails with dark red polish on.

Do share your tips, favourite or most outrageous colour with us. Don’t forget a photo!