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We all want to make our money go as far as possible. Now that I have retired, I have really thrown myself into saving money. Here are 2 tips which you may (or may not!) find useful:-


1. I am buying fewer and fewer things at full price. Like most of us do, when special discounts are available in the supermarkets, I stock up. Buy one get one free is my favourite special offer! However I have now found a way which means I never have to pay for clothes at full price, even when the sales aren’t on. I simply choose the clothes I want to buy online, and subscribe to the store’s news/promotions letters. I then, either wait for the store’s email promotions offering 20% off, or search on web sites which offer discounts e.g. I also use my loyalty cards all the time.


2.The second tip came through an article I was reading about New Years resolutions. Number one was “check through that bag of old clothes (that all women have) containing items that are ready to go to the charity shop. Pick out the best items and put them on EBay to sell”. My daughter uses EBay regularly so with her help I took photos on my iPad and uploaded them ready to go (see article how to sell on ebay …). I started with four tops and two pairs of boots. Although I only sold two tops and one pair of boots, my daughter told me it was worth trying again. She suggested I take new photos of the unsold items, which I did and I also added three new tops. They all sold! I was delighted and I have a nice balance in my new PayPal account to spend on online shopping.

I feel great I made money from stuff I was going to throw away. I have to say I am hooked. Next stop, clearing out the loft, can’t wait to see what treasures I am going to find. Will keep you informed!!





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