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We want everyone who uses our website to find it fun and helpful. To achieve this all users of the website and any information or comments they contribute need to comply with the Code of Conduct below. Use of the website is taken to mean you have read and agree to abide by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

‘Information’ and ‘comments’ means any material uploaded by users of the website including , but not limited to, text.

If you believe someone has breached this Code of Conduct please advise us through our ‘contact us’ email address: chris@lamad.co.uk

This Code may be updated at any time, so please check it regularly for changes.


1. There will be differences of opinion at times during discussions in the chat room, but we expect everyone to respect each other and therefore not use aggressive, abusive, profane, threatening, harassing, bullying, sexually, racially or religiously offensive language or in any other way unpleasant or unlawful language.

2. If material is contributed for information and it has been written or produced by someone else, this must be acknowledged and if necessary the permission of the owner of the copyright obtained if applicable.

3. Contributions must not promote illegal or anti-social behaviour including but not limited to the targeting of someone with a differing opinion by abusive emails or other correspondence, or computer misuse.

4. All contributions must be in English.


Breach of Code:

The decision as to whether a contribution breaches the Code is entirely at our discretion. We will take whatever action is deemed necessary in the circumstances including editing or removing the contribution in whole or in part.

We may also:-

1. issue a warning

2. remove your right to use the website, temporarily or permanently

3. inform law enforcement agencies or other third parties as appropriate

4. take legal proceedings against you for any losses and costs, including reimbursement of fees arising from a breach of the Code.

We exclude liability for actions taken in consequence of a breach of the Code. We reserve the right to take any other action we reasonably decide is appropriate.


Every effort is made to ensure information on the website is accurate and up to date, but  Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) cannot accept liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. Users of the website are expected to use their own judgement or seek independent advice where required, or make other enquiries where necessary.

Third Party Websites:-

Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD), provides links to other sites that may be useful. It does not in any way guarantee the accuracy, quality or reliability of the information, products or services that are available on these websites and cannot be held liable for any advice followed, services received or products purchased through these third parties.

Use of third party websites will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of those websites.


This website and all original content appearing is copyright of Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD). All rights reserved.

Reproducing all or any part of the website for any purpose is prohibited unless Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) is referenced as the source for the information, and details of our web address provided. Any other use is prohibited unless a written request is emailed or posted to the Company Office detailing the proposed use, and written permission is received in response.



Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) is committed to complying with all relevant privacy laws and therefore may at times make changes to this policy to ensure compliance. Users of our website are advised to check this policy regularly for changes. Looking After Mum And Dad respects your right to privacy, is committed to protecting it and will endeavour to ensure it is protected. This Privacy Policy details the approach Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) takes to protect the personal information provided by users of our web site and collected or used by us in the course of our business. When personal information is entered by users of the web site, they are agreeing to Looking After Mum And Dad’s use of their data as outlined in this policy.

You have the right to ask us at any time for a copy of the personal information supplied by you that Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) holds. Looking After Mum And Dad may charge an administrative fee for this service. If you would like to request access then please email: chris@lamad.co.uk

Collection and Retention of Information

Any information provided by you, such as personal details, your name and e-mail address, and relevant details of the person or persons you are looking after, are only held and used by LaMaD for as long as you wish to be a member of the organisation. These details are used for the following:
..To contact you with relevant information you have asked to receive, and our newsletters
..To advise you of special offers
..To provide anonymised statistics to organisations associated with care givers including the Department of Health.

General information about membership demographics identified from details submitted, such as age groups or regions, may be used by us to help source useful products or services for our members, which will be advertised on the website. Please note that clicking on links or advertisements appearing on Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) could result in you transferring to another website, where data privacy practices may be different.

Other Sites

We have no control over the information that is submitted to or collected by third party websites you may access from Looking After Mum And Dad, and you are advised to consult their Privacy Policies and Terms of Use for your own protection.

Data Protection

Personal details provided to Looking After Mum And Dad (LaMaD) to become a member will not be shared with any other organisation without your express permission. (This will not apply where investigation of, or proceedings into illegal or criminal acts is being carried out and law enforcement agencies, or the courts require disclosure). Members contact details will be used to enable the circulation of a regular newsletter or requested information; it is possible to opt out of this at chris@lamad.co.uk





January 2016